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Everyone Tried To Score The Goal Of The Season This Weekend

At around 1:30 PM Saturday I got a text from my big Arsenal fan friend simply saying, “wow wow wow.” I replied, “we talking about Arsenal smacking Liverpool around? Sanchez’s goal? Rooney’s goal? What are we talking about here?” Five minutes later I sent another text saying hold on, I just saw the Charlie Adam goal… yeah.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this on one day. Usually someone always scores a ridiculous goal on the opening day of the season, everyone is quick to say “it’ll be tough to top that one this year,” then throughout the year we’ll get some good ones, and then some time in March or April someone will actually score the goal that claims the goal of the season title. Well we went to the first round of games in April and apparently everyone was trying to grab that goal of the season title.

What was even crazier was that they each game in the different time slots, one after the other. Let’s break them down in chronological order. (apologies for some crappy video, finding Premier League highlights on YouTube is next to impossible, and for the NBC ones I think you just click the link and it plays).

Arsenal: Alexis Sanchez goal vs. Liverpool (3-0 Arsenal)

It was early in the morning when I saw this one. I was lying in bed watching on my iPad and this goal caused me to think “wow,” as I sat up to wake myself up so I could see the replays. Just a remarkable play by Sanchez from his touch to get the ball around Toure to then blasting the ball into the top corner. Announcer Peter Drury nailed it when he said “you won’t find many goals better then this one.” He was absolutely right… for about two hours, and to be honest by the end of the weekend when I look back at this goal, all I really say is “meh.”

Manchester United: Wayne Rooney goal vs. Aston Villa (2-0 Man Utd)

Personally, I think Wayne Rooney is a little underrated. Between his ability to play wherever the manager asks him to, whether it be as a midfielder or a striker or a winger, I don’t think he gets enough credit for the things he does. People are always looking for ways and reasons to bring him down but the truth of the matter is, not only is he a world class player, but he’s a team first player to, which is incredibly rare these days.

Still, one of his best abilities is his ability to do absolutely nothing for an entire game, then come up with a brief moment of brilliance to make everyone forget about the nothingness he’s contributed all game (sort of like the entire 2011 season when he was terrible and did nothing, then had that beautiful bicycle kick against City and now everyone remembers that season fondly). When I saw this goal I was absolutely speechless, I couldn’t even think of how to describe what I had just seen…

Starting from him getting his leg that high up to bring the ball down (because god forbid he lets that go to Radamel Falcao), and then with his side to the goal half volleying a laser right into the top corner… wow. When breaking down the replay match commentator David Provan simply said “Wayne Rooney has no business scoring here.” Amen Davie.

Stoke City: Charlie Adam goal vs. Chelsea (1-1) 

The old the goalkeeper is off his line so shoot it from midfield and hope for the best move. Tried by many, achieved by few, but Charlie Adam added his name to that few this weekend. I’m still having an internal debate as to whether the goal is more or less impressive because Chelsea keeper Thibault Courtois managed to get a hand on it but nevertheless it’s still impressive as hell. Obviously due to the nature of the goal it’s already drawing comparisons to another famous goal, and a debate is now breaking out over which one is nicer…

As always, I’m biased, Adam’s goal was great, but Beckham’s came at a young age and helped launch the superstar that was David Beckham. From here Beckham became a Manchester United and England hero, while Charlie Adam is already hated by pretty much every fan in England and has made just 25 appearances for the Scottish National team. Advantage Beckham.

Sunderland: Jermaine Defoe goal vs. Newcastle (1-0 Sunderland)

To all you kids out there that’s how it’s done. Weak foot, right on the volley, top corner, boom. A perfect way for Jermaine Defoe to remind fans that he’s returned from the MLS and is back to scoring goals against mediocre teams in England because frankly we had all forgotten. Defoe’s goal is even more important as it was the lone goal in the Tyne-Wear Derby and could end up being the goal that saves Sunderland from relegation.

So which goal do you think is the best? Personally from a technical aspect, I think Rooney’s was the most difficult. Bringing the ball down then the half volley right into the corner. In a different year, Defoe’s goal could have won it, and though his was easily the most important goal of the weekend, which I believe should count for something but in the end does not, but barring an absolutely incredible goal from someone else, Adams’ strike is to win Goal of the Season at the end of the year*. Tough luck for Sanchez, as I said earlier by the time you watch all the goals when you go back and watch his all you end up saying is “meh.”


Obviously the best goal of the season was this one…

Remember how I said I was biased?

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